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Samo Polegek - 25+ years of experience in art, design and branding


Samo Polegek is an author with more than 25+ years of experience in art, design and branding. More than 200+ successfully realised projects in the field of Art and Design. He is responsible for content and product development for The Most Iconic Art™ brand. Samo Polegek is our creative inspiration and the Engine of The Team.

Samo Polegek - Author



    Samo Polegek Photography Studio

    Photography Studio

    Production of Photography

    A professional career began. Different photography studios, a lot of learning and meeting new people. With Adobe technology and the historic leap between analogue and digital photography.

    Printing Company

    Printing Production

    Digital Print Production and PrePress

    Advanced printing technology, from the start of the process to the finished product. Calibration of inks, paper and other materials. Digital printing of large format, printed materials and packaging.

    Freelance Designer

    Freelance Graphic Designer

    Graphic design and Creative branding

    As a freelance graphic designer, I designed and developed brands in various fields. Integrated graphic design, print preparation, web design and placement of various creatives in the advertising space.

    Irish Design Studio Cork

    Design Studio Ireland

    Art Direction and Design

    First time on a plane, and we're going to Ireland - do the best I can - Design. Came to the Studio with a lot of experience from back home, where I was able to share my knowledge and create for Irish clients. In a nutshell, the best experience of my life.

    Under The Table Shop

    Artistic Shop

    Clothing, Accessories and Home Decor Shop

    We have designed an art shop with lots of creative clothes, accessories and home interior products. We have placed great emphasis on quality and uniqueness for both Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Bring Art to Life with Klimt Inspired Fashion

    Dress Yourself in Gustav Klimt Inspired Outfits That Will Capture Your Heart

    Imagine the feeling of wearing a dress that resembles a work of art. Renowned artist Gustav Klimts stunning paintings have now inspired dresses. These garments go beyond clothing; they are akin, to...

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    In the clock tower room of the Musée d'Orsay

    How, about spending a night at the Museum?

    Airbnb is providing the opportunity to stay at the Musée d’Orsay. The clock room in the museum offers views of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. When the Musée d’Orsay moved into a railway station in...

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    Luxury Rain Umbrellas for Gentlemans

    Elegant Umbrellas, for Business Professionals; Make a Statement with Style

    In the realm of business every little thing counts. Down, to the choice of umbrella you carry. Executive grade business umbrellas go beyond shielding you from rain; they serve as a symbol of taste ...

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    Navy Umbrella Wooden Handle

    Navy Umbrella Wooden Handle

    Welcome to a world where sophistication meets practicality! This detailed guide explores the charm and usefulness of the navy umbrella with a handle. From its timeless design, to its build this acc...

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